Racing Advice

Here is the useful stuff. The aim of these posts is to answer any questions you might have about getting into racing, and provide some advice on how to prepare for your first attempt. As my own knowledge and experience grows, so will the depth and breadth of the content. Any ideas for new posts are always welcomed, for that matter I’d appreciate any constructive feedback you may have – feel free to comment.

7 Reasons to start Bike Racing this season

Thinking about racing? Here is why you should.

4th Cat racing – am I fast enough?

This is a very difficult question to answer – but this guideline should help.

Want to Race a bike? Heres what you need to do.

Information on what you need to do before you can enter a race.

Preparing for your first Bike Race? Eight things you should know.

Decided to take the plunge? A few quick words of advice.

What to expect from your first 4th Cat Race.

You’ve now entered a race – here’s what will happen next.

Training for your first Bike Race

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From Sportives to Racing – tips for a successful transition.

Coming into the Racing world from a Sportive background? This post will come in handy.

Mental Skills for Bike Racing

Think your head is holding you back? Take a look at this post for some basic info.

7 Tips for Bike Racing on a budget

Worried about the costs of Racing? Take a look here for some tips.