Useful links

Recently, I’ve been working on a list of links to other sites that may be of use. Should I come across anything in the future, I’ll be sure to add it to this page. Giving some of these sites a quick look is a good idea – I’ve found all of them helpful at some point during my Cycling career.


Well known YouTube channel – containing many hundreds of Cycling related videos. If you have any question relating to riding, there is almost certainly a video about it somewhere.


I find this useful for product reviews – though it does contain much more, such as news relating to the Professional scene. It also contains a useful forum should you have a burning question.


My preferred online Cycle retailer. There are of course many others, chances are you have already used them – but I’m putting the link here just in case. One thing I will mention is the returns policy that this site employs – being one of the few that will give you a full refund and not ask too many questions. Customer service is excellent, drop them an email and expect a reply within 48 hours. Also very good for a bargain.

ScarletFire Cycling

Any questions relating to the computing side of things – this is the place to look. The site contains many tutorials relating to Garmin, Strava etc

DC Rainmaker

A very handy blog – especially if you happen to be a triathlete. Contains very comprehensive product reviews and guides. I used this when deciding what Power meter to buy earlier in the year, no stone was left unturned in terms of the depth of information on offer.


Again, I would be surprised if you hadn’t at least heard of this app. If not, check it out – if you don’t already do so its a great way to begin recording your rides, all you need is a GPS enabled smartphone. It has many other useful and fun features – worth a look.


An online virtual reality cycling game. I find it very good for indoor training, helping to alleviate the boredom. As a minimum you’ll need an ANT+ speed sensor, turbo trainer/rollers and a Wi-Fi enabled computer (though a mobile version is coming soon). If you are lucky enough to own a Smart trainer, the experience becomes even more authentic.

British Cycling

If you want to race – you’ll need to become a member, more on that here.

Joe Friel’s Blog

For more advanced training advice, have a look at this. It’s my go to reference if unsure of something relating to training plans etc.

Anything else you’d like to see on this page? Get in touch by using the comments section below.