First and foremost, apologies for the lack of posts over the last three weeks. As always the end of season break has been a busy time, it’s when I get round to all the things I’ve neglected to do over the preceding eleven months. It’s flown past this time round, my legs no longer ache in the mornings and my motivation to get out and train has made a comeback. Time then to start thinking more seriously about 2018.

Upon finishing my first Ironman 70.3 five weeks ago I declared that I wouldn’t be entering another one for some time. You probably won’t be at all surprised to hear that I’ve decided to break the promise I made to myself. It just so happens that there is a new 70.3 distance event taking place very locally. Better still it’s a lake rather than a sea swim and the bike course doesn’t look to contain a single flat section. It could have been tailor made for me. Not entering would have been a crime, right?

Anyway, that particular event isn’t until June. As such I’ll have to find some other things to focus on beforehand, let me tell you that setting off for an endurance hour ride or long run on a cold winter morning is a very difficult thing to motivate yourself to do without a goal of some sort to work towards. Last time round I went with a high volume approach, lots of steady miles that I soon realised didn’t do my fitness a great deal of good. I’ll be experimenting with a higher intensity regime this year, short and sharp interval sessions to keep the legs ticking over.

Back in august I pledged to sort out my running, the idea being that I’d carry on with it in the off season whilst stopped swimming and cycling. Sadly it hasn’t happened owing to yet another niggling injury that presented itself back at the end of September. On the plus side it does now seem to have resolved itself, hopefully paving the way for a few months of hard work. A spring Half Marathon seems like a sensible target. Along the way I’ll also try to run a sub 20 minute 5k, try of course being the optimum word. I’m even considering doing a few Cross Country races in order to keep those competitive instincts satisfied.

Now, talking of Cross Country. I’m feeling that familiar urge that plagues all of us Cyclists from time to time. I’d like to think my list of excuses this time round is quite a good one; Firstly the lanes in Devon are terrible in winter, rendering some routes genuinely unrideable. Secondly my bike handling skills still leave rather a lot to be desired, developing them would make me a faster and safer rider. Lastly I’ve missed the adrenaline that comes with bike racing, just not the prospect of falling onto rock hard tarmac that accompanied it. I have tried my level best to suppress that urge, sadly to no avail. Hopefully an XC mountain bike will soon become part of my collection.

At the time of writing the weather is not looking particularly favourable. It’s blowing a gale, a black cloud is on the horizon and it’s cold enough to justify wearing three layers whilst indoors. Winter is certainly on the way, the roads are already beginning to deteriorate and the long fingered gloves have made their way to the top of the pile of Cycling gear in my wardrobe. Despite this I’m still excited by the prospect of diving head first back into training. There are very few things more satisfying in life than dropping the pounds and increasing the wattage. ¬†My winter bike is ready to go, equipped with clip on mudguards and my famously heavy saddlebag containing tools for just about every eventuality.¬†Hopefully the 2018 season will yield more in the way of results. Not switching sports half way through should be a great help. Time to get going.

Thanks for reading.

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